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Dear OSC Members,

Please be aware that as Web Editor for the OSC, I must inform you that this past week our President, Paula Shiu informed me that the online version of our newsletter should be discontinued, as it is of no value, and a waste of time.

OSC will only email members the simple black and white version that we mail out via USPS to members who do not have internet access. Paula stated to me in emails, that she thinks the online version, I have been producing since February, was just a "pretty version" of what she has had James Hand print and mail out via US Postal Service. James emailed a copy of the black and white version to the membership this week.

I, am very disappointed in Paula's decision, and I have no idea if the rest of the board is in agreement with this decision, or if they are even aware of this decision. I encourage our members to contact the board with feedback on this issue (contact information is listed below).

Since February 2014, I have strived to create an online Newsletter that is engaging, attractive and informative for our members. I have also strived to include valuable information about other orchid events of interest in the San Francisco Bay Area. My hope has been that the rest of our membership, has found theses editions valuable, and contained accurate and helpful information.

I have done this because I firmly believe that it is extremely important for our society, should project a more positive, informative and professional image, especially after some of the events and issues over the past year or so.

By sharing information about our society in a visually attractive format, my hope has also been to help attract new members, and retain more of our existing members.

It is most puzzling that Paula decided to discontinue this online edition because, today, about a full two thirds of our membership receive and read the newsletter online, or on their iPad, tablet, smartphones, laptop or desktop computer. I see great value in this endeavor, as delivery is instantaneous and inexpensive.

By having an attractive and informative newsletter, we, as a Society look more professional, we look like we actually know what we are doing, and that we are interested in welcoming new members and friends to attend our meetings. Hopefully, this will also help entice them to join and share in our love of orchids.

By deciding to no longer offer an online newsletter, it looks like our Society is taking a step backward.

With these points in mind, I highly recommend that all of our members contact any one, or all of the board members, and provide them with your feedback on this decision immediately. You will find the OSC Board Members' contact information below.

Thank you,
Gary Turner
Webmaster at OrchidSocietyofCalifornia.org

Board Officers and Directors

President's Message

Well, we did it. The numbers aren't in yet, but from the public's point of view, our Mother's Day Show was quite decent.

Many many thanks are in order, from set-up, purchasing and transport, planning, publicity, design, food prep, show entry/setup, judging, member plant sales, plant donors, articipating vendors, demonstrators, bug screeners, security sitters, plant hotel minders, salespeople, cashiers, plant exhibitors, and others who jumped in and helped to get it done.

Many folks worked long hours with no complaints. I appreciate each and every one of you!

It warmed my heart to see returning members who came from curiosity, and were encouraged enough by what they saw to renew their membership in the club!!

Tommy Kam kept asking me, how do you do it?

I thought about it, and I realized that I am buoyed by the trust and support I get from all of you!

Congratulations on a job well done!

Onward and upward,

Paula Shiu President 2014

OSC Mother's Day Weekend Show & Sale Postcard Front

Featured Vendors This Year Included:
D & D Flowers
Orchids and Gardens
Napa Valley Orchids
T & T Orchids
San Francisco Bromeliad Society
Jude's Really Cool Stuff Soaps and Candles



    Orchid Society of California 2011 Orchid Show video
    (by Audrey Young-Tarter)


Learn more about the Orchid Society of California history.


May 19, 2014
7:30 PM
AOS Orchid Judging: 6:30 PM
Member Orchid Sales: 7:00 PM

Journey to Yumartán

Our speaker this month, Steven K. Beckendorf will be taking us on a "Journey to Yumartán", a trip to a proposed orchid reserve in southern Colombia last fall. Steven will also be discussing the Orchid Conservation Alliance.
Steven K. Beckendorf

In early 2013 the Orchid Conservation Alliance (OCA) received an application for money to purchase and protect an orchid reserve at the southern end of Colombia, near the Sibundoy Valley and the Putumayo River. It sounded very interesting - forty hectare plot with lots of primary forest and lots of orchids - but we didn't want to make a commitment to fund it without seeing the property. We had a promising report about the applicant, Camilo Barrera, from one of our directors, Rosario Braga from Brazil, so Peter Tobias and I decided to go to Sibundoy to meet Camilo and walk to the reserve. This talk is about that trip - the people we met, the cultural heritage of the area, and above all the orchids and the wonderful reserve we found.

    Monthly Opportunity
    Raffle Table

    Steven Beckendorf will be providing plants for this month's table.

    We also encourage our members who are so inclined to bring divisions of their orchids to donate to our opportunity table.

    Be sure to buy raffle tickets!

    OSC Members are also encouraged to bring plants to offer for sale on our monthly members sale table.

Meetings are held on the 3rd Monday each month at the Lakeside Park Garden Center, 666 Bellevue Drive (by Lake Merritt), Oakland, California at 7:30 PM.

January 20
- The Black Orchid (video)

February 17
- Election, Polling of the membership

March 17
- Culture Festival - Four of our expert growers will present Culture Tutorials at separate stations. We will change stations every 20 Minutes, which will allow members to to Attend 3 different tutorials.
  • Steve Beckendorf
    - Odontoglossum Alliance Culture

  • Dexter Hodes
    - How To Mount Orchids and Dracula Culture

  • George McRae
    - Terrestrial Orchids Culture

  • Helen and Maynard Michel
    - Paphiopedilum Culture
Pick the 3 sessions that you are most interested in, and bring your notepads and questions

April 21
- Dennis Olivas
  Cool Growing Monopodials

May 19
- Steve Beckendorf - Journey to Yumartan

June 16
- George McRae - Outdoor Growing

July 21
- Carol Klonowski - Paphiopedilums

August 18

September 15

October 20

November 17

December 15

The Orchid Society of California is dedicated to the culture, protection,and appreciation of orchids all over the world.

The Orchid Society of California brings together people in the San Francisco bay area interested in the culture and propagation of orchids, and also serves an educational function in disseminating information about orchids to the public. Founded in 1937, we are the first and oldest orchid society west of the Mississippi.  

Cymbidium Leland William


  • We are a nonprofit, horticultural organization striving to promote and maintain public and scientific interest in research, preservation, development and distribution of Orchids throughout the world. Members find new friends in San Francisco East Bay Area. Plant lovers like you are growing in windows, in greenhouses, in indoor light gardens and outside in temperate regions. We are working to make everyone aware of how much fun and how easy it is to grow Orchids. You can help.

  • We publish a monthly Newsletter ...for both the amateur and the professional; the explorer, the scientist, the hybridizer, the grower and the blue-ribbon winner. As a member you'll be among the first to find out about recently discovered species, the latest hybrid, the newest growing "secrets": Discover new friends who share your amazement, excitement and delight growing these wonderful plants. We look forward to you sharing your experiences.

  • We are active in research ...to provide support for the identification of new species; to promote registration of worthy hybrids and to assist in the education of judges to accurate judging standards thorough clear documentation.

  • We promote growing and showing ...with affiliate societies throughout the country who encourage their members to show and promote orchids locally. The American Orchid Society provides cultural sheets and awards annually for best species and hybrid exhibit in each affiliate society's show.

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