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We offer the following list of links to other plant societies as we know most of us want to learn more about a wide variety of plants, not just our favorite, Begonias.

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Plant Sources & Vendors

                            Local Nurseries & Garden Centers

    In Central California, we are blessed with a Mediterranean climate, which enables local gardeners, especially along the west coast, and including some inland areas in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Monterey Bay Area and the Sacramento Area to grow begonias year round, some with a short dormancy period.

    There are numerous local begonia society members that have found that the following local nurseries & garden centers frequently carry multiple varieties and types of Begonias. Sometimes only during the growing season, and sometimes during the entire year. Most local nurseries also carry dormant Tuberous Begonia tubers (usually from for sale in the winter and spring seasons.

    The best advise we can provide is to stop in and see what they have in stock at the moment. Availability varies depending on the season, product availability and customer demand. We recommend asking what they have in stock. The more times customers request Begonias, the better the chances are they will stock them in the future. If you are looking for specific varieties, your best bet is to shop online from the vendors listed above. However, if you like shopping locally, try some of the following:

      San Francisco / Mill Valley / Novato

      • Hortica - San Francisco - Castro Check the Nursery section out back!

      • Sloat Garden Center - San Francisco, Mill Valley, Kentfield, Novato, San Rafael & Danville

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Cultural Information
from the
American Begonia Society

More Cultural Info Online


Please join us at one of our monthly meetings!
If you have acquired a few begonia and you would like to learn how to successfully grow and bloom them, the Begonia Society of San Francisco invites you to join us at our next meeting, held on the first Wednesday of each month at the San Francisco County Fair Building, Golden Gate Park (at the corner of Lincoln Way at 9th), San Francisco, California at 8:00 PM.

The Begonia Society of San Francisco is dedicated to the culture, protection,and appreciation of begonias all over the world. The Begonia Society of San Francisco brings together people in the San Francisco bay area interested in the culture and propagation of begonias, and also serves an educational function in disseminating information about begonias to the public. Founded in 1937, it is one of the oldest begonia societies on the West Coast.  

Learn more about the Begonia Society of San Francisco history.

The Begonia Society of San Francisco is a branch or affiliate of the American Begonia Society.

Visit Ross Bolwell's International Database of the Begoniaceae


Do you have extra time available and a wish to help us succeed and grow our organization? Volunteer to serve on one of our committees, or projects, or if you have special talents - let us know!

Contact us at and tell us how you would like to become involved. Please include your interest in volunteering and let us know about your volunteer skills, along with a daytime phone number and a preferred time to reach you, and/or to request further information.

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  • We are a nonprofit, horticultural organization striving to promote and maintain public and scientific interest in research, preservation, development and distribution of Begonias throughout the world. Members find new friends in San Francisco Bay Area. Plant lovers like you are growing in windows, in greenhouses, in indoor light gardens and outside in temperate regions. We're working to make everyone aware of how much fun and how easy it is to grow Begoniass. You can help.

  • We publish a monthly Newsletter ...for both the amateur and the professional; the explorer, the scientist, the hybridizer, the grower and the blue-ribbon winner. As a member you'll be among the first to find out about recently discovered species, the latest hybrid, the newest growing "secrets": Discover new friends who share your amazement, excitement and delight growing these wonderful plants. We look forward to you sharing your experiences.

  • The Begonian, is a full color publication of the American Begonia society which is mailed out every other month. BSSF Members who are also a member of the American Begonia Society also receive this publcation which includes: branch and regional newsletters, articles on growing begonias, terrarium care, photos of new hybrids and registered begonias, monthly tips on caring for your begonias.

  • We are active in research provide support for the identification of new species; to promote registration of worthy hybrids and to assist in the education of judges to accurate judging standards thorough clear documentation.

  • We promote growing and showing ...with affiliate societies throughout the country who encourage their members to show and promote begonias locally. The American Begonia Society provides cultural sheets and awards annually for best species and hybrid exhibit in each affiliate society's show.

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